Functional and aesthetic solutions for public and semi-public areas 
With its new TRAFFIC COLORBOADS, KEUCO offers tailor-made solutions for washbasins with integrated functional elements such as a paper towel dispenser, lotion dispenser and disposal system. Specially developed for public and semi-public areas such as offices and administrative buildings, restaurants and hotels, TRAFFIC COLORBOARDS offer the greatest measure of planning freedom in the design phase and technical safety in the implementation phase. Using this system, even the most difficult installation situations can be planned to perfection and individually adapted to suit specific room arrangements. 
The TRAFFIC COLORBOARDS are manufactured according to custom dimensions – whether as a niche, semi-niche or free-standing solution. Using optional levelling elements on the sides, construction inaccuracies can be easily compensated for. The flush-recessed, round undermount basin is made of low-maintenance ceramic and can be flexibly positioned, enabling a perfectly flush installation without even the smallest of edges – making it hygienic and easy to clean. Alternatively, the round washbasin of the ELEGANCE or EDITION 300 collection can be used. The TRAFFIC COLORBOARDS therefore offer plenty of practical surface space. Integrated paper towel and cosmetic napkin dispensers, combined with a disposal system, are aesthetic solutions for convenient functionality. The paper towel dispenser with drawer technology can be easily refilled from the top and takes all standard paper towels. The disposal chute ensures that used paper is collected in the container below with a removable inner basket. Made of glass, the container is produced in the same colour as the COLORBOARD. 
The TRAFFIC COLORBOARDS can be combined with the ELEGANCE single-lever mixer and ELEGANCE sensor mixer. Thanks to its extended outlet, the PLAN single-lever mixer is also extremely convenient. Soap required for handwashing is provided via the built-in lotion dispenser – either for liquid or foam soap. The soap foam pump dispenser transforms mild wash lotion into a fine, creamy mousse, making handwashing a more luxurious experience. Two types of pH-neutral foam soap with different fragrances are included.  
The TRAFFIC COLORBOARDS from KEUCO satisfy the most stringent demands in public and semi-public areas in terms of functionality and aesthetics, hygiene and maintenance, durability and longevity. The glass COLORBOARDS are available in the contemporary colours anthracite, red, olive green, violet and white, thereby offering a large measure of freedom to design with colour to suit your individual room conditions. Any other RAL colour can also be realized according to the customer's wishes. The glass underside is coloured using a silkscreen printing process, and the special aesthetics of the glass offers a fascinating interplay between transparency and colour. The coloured glass of the COLORBOARDS, lacquered on the back, is characterized by a remarkably deep brilliance. It is also robust and extremely easy to care for. Due to the smooth, hard surface of the glass, dirt is easily wiped off. In addition, as an inorganic material, it does not provide a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The COLORBOARDS therefore satisfy even the most demanding hygiene requirements. All COLORBOARDS are made from 10 mm thick toughened glass. Toughened glass is particularly temperature resistant and has a high impact resistance as well as tensile strength.  
For a complete and coordinated wash area design, KEUCO also offers light mirrors in three heights, with custom widths. An unusually special feature of the outer, vertical lighting is its openings on both sides for light to the left and right: the two kinds of lighting can be used on the one (hand) side as a mirror light and on the other as a room light, and can be switched separately. The fluorescent tube is available as an option in red for atmospheric room lighting – and thus also offers freedom to design with colour using lighting in the bathroom. 
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